Remote Music Production Lessons

Watching 10 hours of music production video tutorials and getting only 2 useable insights is frustrating. Remote 1 on 1 music production lessons offer the flexibility and adaptability to address your specific needs that pre-recorded videos don’t.

Benefit from the personal touch of a real 1 on 1 online production lesson, experience self-realization moments and acquire valuable skills instead of relying on occasional and generalized tips.

We can have the lessons on Zoom, Google Meet, TeamViewer or AnyDesk. The audio will be shared in high quality so we can focus our attention on sound details.

Dynamic and adaptable

The lessons are modular so we can combine any number of topics to build your own journey

Your own projects

All lessons are based on your own project or a project we will build throughout the lessons


You have the freedom to
start / pause / leave / return whenever you choose to

easy harmony featured

Easy Harmony

Finding your own harmonic style is a process that deserves its own focus. There are many ways to write harmony and so many ways to create emotions with polyphonic parts that this will feel like you just stumbled upon a door into a whole new world inside the music sphere.

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Synth Basics

Synthesis Basics

We hear big synth sounds in many modern music styles: EDM, Trap, R&B, Metal and even movie soundtracks, but it doesn’t stop there, synths are used to create special sound FX for apps too. Today there are more options than ever, we are limitless in the soundscapes we can create.

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Production A2Z

In Production A2Z we will go over the process of producing your own song from start to finish, we will get into some theory and how to put it into practice in ways that will move you forward towards a finished musical creation.

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