Easy Harmony

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About the lessons

Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Length: 1 hour for each lesson
Topics: Harmony basics
Prerequisites: DAW, keyboard

Interested ?

Easy harmony is a series of lessons centering around writing great harmonies with ease – which means we will dive into music theory along with useful tools and exercises that will help develop those harmony writing skills.

Harmony involves a subtle balance and it’s a big world to explore for every producer or musician, especially if your main instrument can play more than one note at a time (Piano, Guitar etc.).

With good basic knowledge on how harmony works you will be able to understand your favorite artists and how to create similar or even more impressive harmonic landscapes for your own creation.

What to expect

Easy Harmony involves a practical way of working with harmony, so we will practice everything we learn on a project of yours or a project we will build together throughout the lessons. With each lesson we will get new tools, with each new tool we will upgrade our project and get experience with our newly acquired tools.

In these lessons we will use the DAW of your choice and focus on harmony and music theory, that means you will have to have a good grasp of using your DAW.

The lessons are targeted towards beginners that want a good base to start writing good harmonic parts and be equipped with the skills needed to learn more advanced harmonic concepts later on.


  • Roots & intervals
  • Chords
  • Inversions
  • Diatonic harmony
  • Tensions & colors
  • Chords relationships and functions – dominant subdominant and tonic chords
  • Harmonic rhythm & tactics
  • Creating harmonic movement (small and big)
  • Creating melodic lines inside the harmony
  • Chromaticism
  • Secondary dominants
  • Passing chords
  • Diminished & augmented chords
  • Parallel minor & borrowed chords
  • Analyzing chords – EDM, R&B, Gospel, Rock
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