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My name is David and I’ve been obsessed with the world of music and sound since 1993.
I’ve dipped my soul into music production and found a home for my creativity.

My first music software was ScreamTracker, which is pretty basic compared to what I use today (Cubase, ProTools, Logic etc.), but the freedom to choose notes / sounds and evoke emotion was so powerful that my curiosity pushed me to explore.

Time passed and my first studio took shape, I was proud of myself and decided to share my joy through making music that makes people dance, EDM, HipHop, Rap and in my sad moments genres like RnB, Jazz and Classical music came to aid.

I had the opportunity to work with many talented musicians, producers and studios. I can only say “Thank You” for all the amazing gifted friends that made me realize my potential and helped me make this journey a successful one.

Frequently I got questions from friends, singers, producers and other music lovers wishing to know what my techniques are, what I do when inspiration doesn’t show when I need it, technical advice and much more.

It gave me an idea: why not share my experience and help fellow musicians achieve their musical goals?

I believe curiosity is a big part of why we succeed and learning is a never ending journey. I try to aim my attention at musicality even when just practicing and focus on understanding rather than on remembering formulas.

For me, music is an addiction that I hope will never end, hopefully it will enlighten your life like it enlightened mine.