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muse score

Muse Score

Musescore is an open-source software for music composition and notation. It allows musicians to produce their scores for performance, it can be used for self-study and instruction in the classroom.

Water Pianism by Daniel Bennet - Book Cover

Water Pianism

Water pianism is a mindful approach to playing the piano with both hands, it doesn’t teach you a specific way, rather it helps you explore the obstacles that stop you from moving your hands and fingers naturally on the piano and helps you remove those obstacles.

Phase plant overview

Phase plant

Phase plant is an easy to use modular style software synthesizer. It has an animated interface and colored knobs that help understand what’s being manipulated and the modulations that happen.
It includes so many Snapins to play with and modulate that even with the limitations that come with it, it is still a wide sound creating playground for many applications.

The blues scales by Dan Greenblatt - book cover

The Blues Scales

A book that will help you harness the beauty and color of the Blues scales and incorporate them into your playing, whether you are playing jazz or otherwise. The book is short but impactful, as the explanations are easy to follow and gives you just what you need to start exploring on your own.

Contemporary Counterpoint - book cover

Contemporary Counterpoint

Modern counterpoint book that’s directed toward intermediate musicians/producers, an important tool to master as professionals. Counterpoint can actually be useful in more than classical music, it’s necessary if the goal is more sophisticated and interesting part writing.

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